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Classic Wedding Rings

Classic bands are considerably the quintessential bands many people associate with a wedding ring.
Traditionally men and women have preferred a smooth and sleek polished band as a symbol of their love.
Those are a very important symbolism for two people. Every day they remind us of such a significant event that occurred one day in the life of loving people. Exchange wedding rings has become a tradition since ancient times even - is a clear demonstration of mutual desire of two hearts always be together, the promise of love and loyalty for life. If your family is a believer and you are planning a wedding ceremony, you can not go any wedding rings. It is best to consult a specialist about this jewelry salon or a priest who conducts the sacrament of marriage. There are special golden bands with a prayer on the inner rim. These bands can be bought, for example, the icon shop Novospassky Monastery (metro Taganskaya radial) or other church stores. Traditionally, however, wedding bands were made of different materials. About it, few people know, but the ring for the groom should be made of gold, and for the bride - from silver. The bottom line is that the Christian canon man in marriage is considered the embodiment of Christ, and the woman - the Church. Thus, the wedding rings have different functions for men and women. Now the church is less kind to the adherence to the traditional rites. Newlyweds may well buy the same wedding band. The main thing in the wedding - fully aware of the deep meaning of this ancient ritual and responsibility you take on himself. It turns out, wedding rings - seasonal goods, and the season is traditionally the largest number of weddings from mid-June to late September. It was during this time many happy couples flock to jewelry stores in search of the symbols of his future union. It would seem that complicated to buy engagement rings, if necessary for this amount? A difficulty, however, is. It is necessary to choose a band that will please both the newlyweds, as here it turns out that there is the right size or there, but only one. As it turned out empirically, the most common size is 16.5 to 19.5 for women and men. So if you have just such a size, it makes sense to take care of finding the right ring you in advance. Otherwise, do not have to buy the ones you like, and those that will be of suitable size. You can not make classic wedding bands from old products, as the metal in them is an excess of negative energy; keep spouses from strong shocks of life, stress, severe illness and envy; - The gorgeous band groom bride chooses, the more generous of his soul; - The massive jewelry, the greater the prosperity of the family; - Before making a final choice, hold the wedding rings in his hands and if there was a feeling that it is - your means, the way it is, and your choice is correct.
  1. Benchmark™ Benchmark™ (7)
  2. Shenoa&Co Shenoa&Co (14)
  1. 14k White Gold 14k White Gold (18)
  2. 14k Yellow Gold 14k Yellow Gold (4)
  3. 18k White Gold 18k White Gold (3)
  4. 18k Yellow Gold 18k Yellow Gold (3)
  5. Platinum Platinum (1)
  1. 3mm 3mm (4)
  2. 3.5mm 3.5mm (1)
  3. 4mm 4mm (5)
  4. 4.5mm 4.5mm (1)
  5. 5mm 5mm (5)
  6. 5.5mm 5.5mm (1)
  7. 6mm 6mm (6)
  8. 6.5mm 6.5mm (4)
  9. 7mm 7mm (9)
  10. 7.5mm 7.5mm (2)
  11. 8mm 8mm (1)
  12. 9mm 9mm (2)
  13. 10mm 10mm (1)
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