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Marquise Ring Settings

Marquise collection of wedding rings

Marquis Settings collection will highlight and enhance the look of the Marquise diamond center. If you want a marquise diamond shape as your center stone choose one of these options, like solitaire, with side stone, with a halo or any other style you want from modern to vintage.
Marquise shape diamond (pronounced: March Keys) are one of the most distinctive of all diamond shapes. Elongated in shape with rounded sides and points at both ends, they are smooth, as diamonds can be. Due to the location of the modified brilliant facets Marquise diamond shape can be very bright and fiery if properly handled. In addition, they tend to look very big for their carat weight and particularly graceful, looking at his hand. Because they are so unique, the popularity of diamond marquise is usually cyclical and subject to design trends. They were very popular in recent years, and probably will in the future.