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Jewelry Spring 2012

Etiquette and the status of royalty prescribe me along like a glove, and, of course, to pick them appropriate jewelry. Queen Elizabeth II, long-liver to the British throne, is also not an exception.


Jewelry of Elizabeth II

Etiquette and the status of royalty prescribe me along like a glove, and, of course, to pick them appropriate jewelry. Queen Elizabeth II, long-liver to the British throne, is also not an exception.



Russian Jewelry

Diamond Fund of Russia - a unique collection of jewelry, treasures accumulated over the centuries, has survived many wars, unrest and crisis, the wealth of the Russian tsars and rulers. This is one of the world's largest collection of jewels, which include many rare jewelry.




Jewelry from meteorites

In the quest for originality, jewelers are looking more and more original material for jewelry. Their imagination sometimes goes beyond the Earth, addressing the content space. In May 2012 it was put up for sale a unique ring from the meteorite in 4.2 thousand U.S. dollars.




Necklace - Case for iPhone

In today's world of expensive gadezhty famous brands are valued as much as jewelry, and also can be worn in plain sight, as a sign of status and wealth. British designer of the royal court in May Tan Anita (Anita Mai Tan), working at a jewelry brand Al-Gems, created a special hybrids necklaces and carrying cases for Iphone.





Jewelry of famous Italian family

The famous Italian family of aristocrats and politicians, has become legendary, not only at home, but around the world, has left a considerable legacy. In particular, many of the Medici were obsessed with collecting and is an expert in the fine - the paintings, utensils and jewelry. On the latter will be discussed.





Temple St. Clair: charm stories

Brand Temple St. Clair entered the global market of jewelry in 1986, in sunny Florence. Young designer Temple St. Clair Carr released the first collection of jewelry. Since then, her work every year again and again to conquer the hearts of fans of romance, chivalry and fond tales of courtly Renaissance.




Jewelry of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is known to all as an artist, but few know that his designs are created and jewelry. No less crazy and colorful than his paintings, they were a gift to Gala, his wife, who wanted to see her husband's talent in all its possible forms.




Jewelry and cinema

Often based on the acclaimed kinoblokbasterov, or, on the contrary, specifically looking for the exit movie premier, fashion houses produce themed jewelry collection. We offer you a small selection of such collections.




Stones for the Lions

There is not a lion that does not feel like a king. Those born under this sign - talented leaders who wins the heart rather charismatic and fiery enthusiasm, rather than rationality.




Stones for sign of crayfish

Crayfishs imultaneously calm and sensitive. Children of the water element, they often change the mood, and the slightest emotion, like a gentle breeze on the surface of the waves, is clearly visible on the faces of their mobile.




Jewelry of Duchess Vinzdorskoy

Mrs. Wallis Simpson - one of the most famous female figures in politics and public life in Europe the first half of XX century. This is a woman for the sake of his marriage to a Prince of Wales Edward VIII gave up the British throne in favor of his children, having received from the younger brother of King duke Vinzdorskogo.



Jewelry for Gemini

Twins - one of the most provocative and restless zodiac signs. This frivolous fidgets with high self-irony, because they can always look at himself, using his "inner twin". Gemini is easy to learn any thing, but most often cast in the middle, so as to lose interest in him.




Fouquet and Mucha

We already wrote about one of the giants of the Art Nouveau style - Rene Lalique. Today there will be not one creator of unique gold jewelry, but a creative alliance artist Alphonse Mucha and hereditary jeweler Georges Fouquet.




Green Vault

The world has many wonderful collections of jewelry, which were collected over the centuries and now daily take tourists from around the world, eager to look into the treasury of ancient times.




Choosing Earrings

Earrings - classic decoration, located in close proximity to the face. How to make earrings enhance your natural beauty? .. To do this, you should think about their shape and color.




Diamond Childhood

To create jewelry today, it seems, already used all possible sources of inspiration. For example, a jewelry designer Aaron Basha (Aaron Basha) draws images for his creations ... in the nursery.




Rene Lalique

Rene Lalique - one of the pioneers of the style art nouveau, artist, jeweler and a genius of his time. This man has changed the notion of what can be worn around the neck, hands and ears, his jewelry look remarkably alive and, at the same time, absolutely heavenly.




History of brooches

Brooch - is jewelry with a history of almost equal human history. First analog brooches became known as the Bronze Age, over 5000 years ago. Then brooch, or rather its forerunner, had a slightly different design and a different name - fibula.


Pink Diamonds

In 2012, he was found one of the largest this year of natural pink diamonds. Colored diamonds are generally quite rare, and it has exceptional clarity and good color. Gem 12, 78 carats was discovered in Australia.


Which Cut Makes Diamond Appear Larger? Understand exactly what you need to choose jewelry to buy.