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Diamond Necklaces

Big and chunky describes diamond necklaces which are ultra chic on the fashion scene. Shenoa&Co. offers fabulous women's necklaces with a stylish and feminine look in large construction or thin delicate look which is also a fashion forward style.

Fabulous necklace styles offered include twisted beads, romantic ribbon closures and ultra popular chain styles.

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Diamond Necklaces in the City

Carrie Bradshaw has become the icon of style for the modern women and very often they watch the favorite “Sex and the City” for hundred times with the only one idea – to copy her dress, her bag or her pair of shoes. If your girlfriend or wife is young, attractive and classy, be sure she likes the style of Carrie and will be so happy if you give her a diamond necklace like Carrie was given in the last episode of the serial. Her lover from Russia gave it to her to make her happy.