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Diamond Certification




This document gives full information about a jewel, or a stone. It is issued by a laboratory which grades the precious stones. This paper contains the necessary details about the physical properties of a diamond. This certificate can remain valuable for a long time, if the diamond isn’t changed in any way.


The diamonds can be graded in many labs, and once they have been graded, they get the status of certified diamonds, and they are described in the attached quality report. Our company Shenoa provides you with the diamonds that have been graded by the Gemological Institute of America. There are some other labs as well:


GIA - Gemological Institute of America

AGS - American Gem Society

IGI - International Gemological Institute

EGL - European Gemological Laboratory

HRD - Antwerp Diamond High Council

NGL - National Gemological Laboratories

PGS - Professional Gem Sciences


Loose diamonds can go through appraisal procedures. If a diamond isn’t loose, various methods are used to estimate the stone. An appraisal can give the dollar value of a diamond, which is very important, and this procedure is frequently used by people for insurance purposes.


A professional analysis of the stone is very important, because the evaluation of a retail appraiser can be wrong. Don’t deal with the appraisers who sell their jewelry, they can be very unfair, so don’t trust your precious stones these appraisers.




Our company, Shenoa & Co., deals only with real specialists in gemology, like GIA graduates, and they will surely analyze jewelry at a professional level.


Our diamonds are of the best quality and they meet all international standards. The Shenoa diamonds have certificates from the best labs, and the latter use The G.I.A. grading system, a very reliable system of defining the diamond quality and price.


If you have a grading report, you can be 100% sure that your diamond is truly natural and it wasn’t made in laboratories. Besides the clarity of a diamond can be advanced through the process of filling the fractures in stones of a low quality. That’s why as a result, the stone can look good, despite its natural flaws.