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Diamond Education

The following diamond education contains all information you need in order to wisely select a quality diamond. First, please view following internet video made by well-known educational and research institution GIA (Gemological Institute of America) on how diamonds are professionally graded for color, clarity, cut, and carat weight: 

Watch GIA Video * Educational video from the leading diamond laboratory in the world
Previous names of diamond had were "Unbreakable","Unalterable", and "Untamed". Its amazing qualities make diamond stand out from the rest of precious stones. That’s why a lot of young couples choose diamonds for their wedding and engagement rings. Engagement is a very important occasion for you and you partner, so you need to choose diamonds for your rings carefully. You should take into account the following properties: size of a diamond, its quality, color, and cut. You should decide, whether a solitaire diamond suits you best, or you want a ring with side stones.



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  In this guide we combined all necessary information you’ll need when choosing a diamond. We mentioned qualities that make a diamond good looking and the main conditions which you should consider in order to pick the best diamond for you.

For twenty years our company has set highest standards for the diamonds’ quality, and you can be sure that our diamonds are the best you can find. If you choose our diamonds, you’ll definitely make your wedding or engagement an unforgettable and really special occasion for your partner. A marriage is a life lasting union, and our diamonds will be the finest decoration of your family ties.

Our company does its best to select high quality diamonds which you can enjoy for years, and this guide will help you to learn some useful information about the diamonds’ characteristics, so you’ll be able to esteem the diamonds of Shenoa.


  What is a diamond? Its main constituent is pure carbon, and diamond is the purest gem mineral on Earth, and carbon from which diamond is made of is cleanest element ever. Diamonds are produced with the help of pressure and high temperature under 75-120 miles of earth. Imagine that in order to get a stone of .33 carat weight you’ll need to dig out a ton of rocks, and to get a one carat diamond amount of rocks reaches 250 tons! Only huge volcanic eruption is able to get diamond crystals of surface.

This is how a hardest substance on earth comes to us - diamond. One more incredible diamond property is to gather light within the crystals, so that its radiant beauty is reflected from the inside of diamond.

Diamond above mentioned facts only prove that diamonds are wonderful and traditional stones symbolizing the power of feelings, purity of intensions and desire of perfection. That’s why the majority of people choose these stones as wedding or engagement presents, or just special gifts on any occasions.





Diamond ring belongs to a particular style depending on the diamond’s shape, and it doesn’t mean that some shapes are better than any other. Shape of diamond stone depends only on your own preferences, but, in general, there are six most commonly preferred shapes: round, marquise, pear, emerald, oval and princess.



  Be careful: diamond’s shape isn’t diamond’s cut. Latter is the diamond’s light performance characteristic, and it also describes diamond’s dimensions and finish. Shape is what diamond’s outline viewed from the top is. Most people choose round shape, somewhat less people prefer princess, Asscher, and emerald shapes.

After cut of diamond jeweler chooses the ring which will show diamond stone to advantage. An ideal variant is diamond exposed as much as possible on a ring; jeweler also pays much attention to the band of the ring – this band should by all means match diamond itself and design of the ring.



There are special terms which describe diamonds. They are as follows:

TABLE: is large and flat top surface of a stone.

FACET: these are the surfaces of a precious stone which are rather flat and polished.

GIRDLE: small diameter edges of a diamond.

CROWN: is the upper part of the stone below the girdle.

CULET: it is a tiny facet of very bottom of diamond.

BRILLIANT CUT: means 32 facets above and 24 facets below girdle.

BEZEL FACETS: the facets on the crown of cuts shaped like a kite.

FANCY SHAPE: any shape except round diamonds.

FANCIES: this word describes diamond colors of a diamond except white.




They are cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and they all describe a diamond’s quality. These words actually describe the categories of a diamond according to universal standards, all of them tell us how precious the diamond is.


It is very important to distinguish between a quality diamond and any other diamond, especially if you want to choose the best diamond ring for your bride.


Cut, color, carat and clarity are the main characteristics that you should be aware of when selecting a diamond, so you’ll be able to make the right choice and at the right cost.